Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Glens at Parkspring- San Pedro

I started focusing on properties in San Pedro because I was beginning to realize that location, location, location was not enough.  We needed CONNECTION. Internet connection.

Somebody was giving out flyers for this property in San Pedro that was being developed by Filinvest Land.  We met up with the agent and scheduled a visit.

Even if the place was a bit more remote than our current location, the Glens seemed to be accessible since public transportation was available even if it was a bit difficult.  There were also a number of potential access roads to Manila and the Expressway via Daang Hari, San Pedro and Susana Heights Exits. We liked the model houses that were shown to us. The place was very cool and windy.  I fell in love with the 2-storey 3 bedroom model house and it was within the upper-level of our budget. Association dues were PhP2 per square meter per month which includes grass cutting, shuttle service to Alabang and security.  Compared to how the turnover unit of Carmona Estates, their units are designed to be truly ready for occupancy.

One marketing ploy designed to make people buy the property immediately is anticipated price increase.  We were told that we had to make a reservation by the second week of February because the rates will go  up by 8% after that.

One the night before we scheduled the trip to the developer's office to make a reservation, I decided to check the internet again for anything about the Glens.  I found something that I did not like at and from DZRH interactive.

Apparently, the residents of Parksprings have been complaining about two things:

1. There is a piggery near Parksprings and the foul smell of the pigs' excrement reaches Parksprings. Here is a comment of one resident named Winston Licos:
I am still staying at the Glens, and unfortunately the foul odor coming from the piggery(ies) is experienced, on the average, 4 days in a week. Especially, as you have mentioned, during rainy and windy seasons. I have yet to check again with the Business Licensing and Permit office of the Municipality of San Pedro if the remaining piggery(ies) have renewed their licenses for this year. As per my inquiry last year, they have renewed last Jan. 2010 for the last year and is supposed to renew again Jan. of this year for the year 2011. If they already did, I guess, we (homeowners) would have to bear for another year with the foul smell.  The odor is usually accompanied by "smoke." I would like to think that this smoke comes from the preparation of feeds for the hogs and I also presume that they do the cleaning at night. As for the daytime, there is no specific time, mainly because it is dependent on the wind direction for that day. And yes, apparently Filinvest is doing something to resolve the issue. But based from my inquiries as well, there is no specific time frame and/ or person in-charge of this issue. As you have said, it might take years to solve the issue.  I was offered to transfer to Phase 2 but when I checked and "smelled" the area, since the distance from my current residence at Phase 1 to Phase is negligible, the foul smell reaches that area as well.  
 2. Joey Papa of the Journal Online reports of an email complaint about toxic fumes from a dumpsite close to the Glens:
I received last August an email from a resident of The Glens at Park Spring, a development of Filinvest Land Inc., San Pedro, Laguna. The email sender, a new resident of the subdivision, was referring to my column last March about the dumpsite near South Peak subdivision in Barangay San Antonio in San Pedro, Laguna. A complainant against the dumpsite who is a resident of Barangay Sampaguita, informed me that The Glens at Park Spring is nearer to the dumpsite than Brgy. San Antonio.

“Although I’m imagining that South Peak has it worse, I’d like to inform you that we, the residents of Glens and of Park Spring also experience the toxic fumes coming from the dumpsite. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this dumpsite before we purchased our home now. Now, just two months after moving in, the toxic smell of burning heaps of garbage seems to be getting worse. They burn the garbage at nighttime and from my house, I could see garbage trucks continuously passing through the South Peak area during the day.” stated the email sender.

 Links to these comments can be found HERE and HERE.

With these reports, we had no choice but to back out. I texted the agent informing her about what I found out and telling her that we will no longer get any property there.  She said that  Filinvest is currently working on the removal of that piggery and that she wanted us to visit the place one more time to prove to us that the smell does not reach the phase where the available lots are being sold. She even told us that Filinvest was willing to lower the downpayment to only 10% of the total contract price just to convince us.  But to us, that was a sign of desperation.

I hope things eventually work out in the end for the poor residents of Parksprings, San Pedro. I still believe that Filinvest is a great developer.  This location just had environmental problems that made it unacceptable for us to live there.


  1. Hello,

    I purchase 3 lots from The Glens, Parksprings Phase 2. I emailed someone from their office about my lots turnover information and transfer of title and this is her reply.

    "Mam, I am taking this opportunity to tell you we have a problem on one of the lot you purhcased, Glens 2A B1 L5. When I received your e-mail, I checked on the status and found out the problem on the title of the mentioned lot. Said property is part of those claimed by Brittany as theirs. Please note we have the title over this property. Unfortunately, Brittany annotated the adverse claim on the RD's copy and recently found out when we were about to transfer the tct's to buyer;s name. We will have a legal battle on this and to spare you on this, we are recommending that you transfer to another property. For now, I am requesting our Business Development for a possible transfer site. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you."

    I hate Filinvest. They are not a great developer at all!

  2. Pratibha,

    did u get ur lot already?


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  4. it still smells of pig, dumpsite & factory smoke and other smells I can't identify here almost everyday. When i complained & told my agent to at least postpone promoting/selling more units, he just said "please understand, we won't have an income if we stop selling...". And after numerous letters to their After Sales office, they still can't give me a straight answer on what we're supposed to do. They don't seem to care, after all, I loaned with a bank and the bank has already paid them in full.

    You're lucky there was something on the internet to warn you about this. There was no online info about this during the time I was looking for a house. Without the bad smells, the area and the houses are great kaya sayang. And Filinvest people will intentionally mislead prospective buyers into thinking na mahina lang or wla talagang amoy.

  5. Agree! Filinvest worse developer.. don't patronize their subdivision.. careful to all new buyers

    1. oh, we just bought a house in glens at phase 4.. i read this msg 3 days too late...

    2. oh, we just bought a house in glens at phase 4.. i read this msg 3 days too late...

    3. SSS,
      If it's too late like us to back out, you need to constantly follow up with the futura office from now on. Because in our experience even we paid on spot payment, the house turnover end to us just this September 14 and that is one year of pushing them to get THIER job done. But.... We are still following up our TCT and because of that we can't apply to Meralco yet and filinvest will just provide us electricity on daily basis for 50/day. The rate is too much for us who is always out and we are only three in the house we can't save from that. The water meter installation is 15,000. And 75 pesos per person is charge if you use the swimming pool but in DMCI condo and SMDC there is no charge for using a swimming pool.

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  7. I agree with you Filinvest lot owner.
    We are very frustrated and disappointed, from the processing of our payments, constructions, tcts and permits.
    Until now we cannot move-in inspite they are already fully paid by our financing bank!

  8. I purchased a house and lot last march of 2010 at phase 3, paid the 20% down-payment last October of 2011, made the necessary letter of request for a house construction on the 17 of February 2012 and after 3 years in Saudi as an OFW I and my 3 kids still have no place to stay. I am still paying their in-house financing, and it is draining me financially. Cannot apply for PAGIBIG or Bank financing because there is no finish house and I am only here for a month and I think I will spend my entire vacation trying to talk to FILINVEST to stop my monthly amortization and all its corresponding late payment charges and interest temporarily until they can give me a replacement that is ready for PAGIBIG or Bank Financing. I will try to write an email to their VP of Filinvestland and Carbon copy all government agency that can help.

    this should be a warning to prospective buyers...

    sakit sa ulo, perang pinaghirapan....

  9. hi.. anong update mo sa mga case nyo? plan ko pa nman sana mag-acquire ng lot sa the glens :(

  10. Transfer nila ako sa ibang location yung pwede ng mag tayo agad at pwede din sa pagibig, dahil yun naman ang napagusapan namin bago ko pa kunin ang property. Inuumpisahan na din daw ang excavation (sana nga)... Malaman ko pa bukas pagnapuntahan na ng anak ko

  11. I don't know about te dumpsite too when we purchased a lot on Phase 3, we paid in full since November 2012 but until now they were not able to finished the house I told them I need the house. They keep on reasoning on THIER delays . I am asking them about turnover in email which they disregard. And they still owe us some amount because paid thru bank transfer in euros. That's why we have excess balance that wasn't yet returned. Anyone here can tell us which goverment agencies we can write for help. Because we did all our obligations and we start paying them since September and fully paid November last year it's now a year but we can't move in.

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  13. We can go to the media. Sobrang they have misrepresentations talaga

  14. Hello, until now po ba there is the stench odor? Is there anyone from this conversation currently staying there now. We are considering getting a property there but now we are hesitating :(